Philipp MayringChristiane KerlenSonja SheikhJan Ulrich HenseOliver Schwab

Twenty Years of DeGEval – History, Trends, Challenges


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This article intends to provide an overview of the German Association of Evaluation’s (DeGEval) activities over the past twenty years since its foundation in 1997. Thus, the historical development of the DeGEval is highlighted. A content analysis of the Zeitschrift für Evaluation will examine the central topics of the work done by the DeGEval. Furthermore, the DeGEval’s areas of expertise are discussed by examining the various special interest groups. Next, the products of the DeGEval, especially focusing on the Standards of Evaluation, are presented, as well as an overview of the DeGEval’s international network with other organisations. Moreover, the development of membership over the past twenty years since its foundation, which can be seen as very positive, is examined. The conclusion shows that the goals which were formulated at the DeGEval’s foundation can be regarded as having been largely fulfi lled. Finally, the article provides approaches for further research.

Evaluation, DeGEval, History of Evaluation, Trends in Evaluation

APA citation
Mayring, P., Kerlen, C., Sheikh, S., Hense, J. & Schwab O. (2017). Zwanzig Jahre DeGEval – Historie, Entwicklungen, Herausforderungen. Zeitschrift für Evaluation, 16(2), 13-31.