Christine Nyiramana

Constructive Feedback to Students: A Tool to Enhance Educational Quality


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Assuring and enhancing education quality in universities is currently a major and worldwide concern. Besides, providing high quality feedback to students is recognized by many scholars as one of the main factors that foster achievement of learning outcomes. This study was conceptualized as controlled intervention with academic staff of a private higher learning institution in Rwanda as a reaction to the fact that both students and teachers were dissatisfied with feedback provisions and the lack of feedback led to failures. The main objective of this intervention was to give participants necessitous knowledge about the concept of constructive feedback and to help them develop related competences. Later, a research was conducted by means of semi-structured interviews with purposefully selected trainees to analyse their experiences with regard to providing constructive feedback to students and more specifically encountered challenges and mitigation measures. It is important for higher learning institutions to avoid any culture of unhelpful feedback and to reflect on other educational quality aspects alongside providing constructive feedback not only to reinforce its use but also to assure effective and sustainable educational quality enhancement.

constructive feedback, educational quality, higher education