Nina-Cathrin StraussEnikö Zala-Mezö

Potentials of Supporting Program Elements: How Schools Use Professional Development and Networking for School Improvement


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Innovations in school contexts are often accompanied by elements to support the implementation process, like professional development programs or networks. But how do the implementers perceive and use these supporting elements? Based on a qualitative analysis of interviews with “change agents” in schools we highlight challenges and potentials in the use of these supporting elements and the transfer of the innovation.

innovation, school improvement, transfer support

APA citation
Strauss, N. & Zala-Mezö E. (2017). Potenziale transferunterstützender Angebote: Wie Schulen Fortbildung und Vernetzung für ihre Schulentwicklung nutzen . DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 109(2), 187-198.