Alain DösseggerDavid WeibelKlaus M. FreiBartholomäus WissmathJan Ulrich Hense

Development of a Program Model for the Evaluation of the Swiss Youth and Sports Program


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Program models have become an increasingly used evaluation instrument in theory-based evaluation approaches. However, many questions concerning adequate procedures for developing and using program models in evaluation remain open. In part, this problem could be due to a lack of sufficiently detailed descriptions of specific case examples. After a short overview of the role of program models in the evaluation literature, the development of a program model of the Swiss ‘youth and sports’ program is described in detail. The development was simultaneously based on literature review and stakeholder input. The experiences made during this procedure are reflected from three perspectives: commissioners, model developers, and evaluation theory. A particular focus concerns three often-mentioned challenges in using program models in evaluation: Are program models blind for unintended outcomes? Should program models reflect stakeholders’ views or theories? Is the effort developing a model warrantable?

Logic Model, Program Theory, Stakeholder Input, Program Evaluation