Gabriele KlewinBarbara Koch

Research-based Learning without Researching Teachers?


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Research-based learning has become a salient concept within the extended field experiences recently established in several of the German Federal States’ teacher education programs. Initial empirical findings, however, indicate a lack of acceptance of researchbased learning both with trainee teachers and their mentors in school. Various reasons seem possible: research-based learning implies simultaneity of teaching and researching; doing research during field experience is compulsive for all trainee teachers; frameworks for teachers doing research in schools are lacking. This paper proposes a discussion of the final point which has so far been neglected in academic discourses concerned with the prerequisites of research-based learning.

research-based learning, teacher education, field experience, student teaching semester, professionalization

APA citation
Klewin, G. & Koch B. (2017). Forschendes Lernen ohne forschende Lehrkräfte?. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 109(1), 58-69.