Susanne Berger

Zum Vergleich von Curriculum und Unterrichtspraxis in der vorberuflichen Bildung in Teilen Deutschlands, Frankreichs und Großbritanniens. Eine explorative Fallstudie


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The successful transition from general education into the world of work has an important role to play in integrating young people into society. In this context, pre-vocational education has moved into the centre of discussions on educational policy all over the world. Nevertheless, little is known about the curricular manifestation of pre-vocational education at the level of general schooling. Much less is known about how these normative guidelines are ‘lived’ and implemented in teaching practice and which sociocultural aspects influence the implementation of the official curriculum. The focus of this article is to investigate the relationship between the curriculum and the teaching practice of pre-vocational education in parts of the three countries Germany, France and Great Britain. In this international explorative investigation, the findings of the content analysis of the official guidelines and curricula are contrasted with the results of the interviews with teachers and headmasters. The article contributes to the debates in both curriculum research and international research in education.