Michael BrockJuliane Keitel

Responsive Evaluation in Higher Education

Shortlink: https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART102011

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‘Good higher education’ is constituted in a complex interaction between lecturers, learners and structural conditions. Evaluation is conceived as an integral part of a participatory seminar culture, in which students are actively involved in planning and execution as well as in evaluation of their learning processes. In this paper, a tested concept of participatory teaching and evaluation is presented. We start outlining our concept based on our constructivist and participatory understanding of teaching and learning. Afterwards, we elucidate it will not be possible to evaluate lessons based on our concept while using quantitative instruments. Furthermore, a discussion follows on corresponding existing references between our understanding of teaching and learning and qualitative or responsive evaluations. Then, we connect our understanding of good teaching to the aspects of qualitative evaluation. By using concrete examples, we illustrate how a responsive evaluation of teaching and learning processes is implemented. The paper concludes with a brief look at existing deficits and desiderata.

Responsive Evaluation, Higher Education, Participation, Constructivist Didactics