Maria Anna Marchwacka

Health Education as a Challenge for School Development Processes


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A historical sketch of health education at schools shows a paradigm change from a norm-oriented health imperative to an emancipatory health education. Actually, there is a focus on the salutogenetic approach, regarding the promotion and strengthening of development potentials, on the one hand; on the other hand, topical concepts (e.g., “Good and Healthy School”) enforce the school development process in order to optimize the quality of school and learning. Thus, health has to be emphasized as an inherent part of the educational process – both on the level of individual development (as integrativereflexive education and learning process) and on the level of school development (organization, personnel and instruction development). To what extent teachers esteem the cross-sectional task “health education at schools”, will be shown on the basis of guided interviews with 30 teachers in North Rhine-Westphalia.

health education, legitimation and responsibility, school as living environment, integrative-reflexive learning process, school development, participation, authenticity