Sylvia RahnSabine GruehnMiriam Sharon KeuneChristoph Fuhrmann

Learning from Students’ Statements?! – Towards a Professional Feedback Culture at Schools


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Teachers are encouraged to check the quality of their teaching by using student feedback. This paper discusses what a “professional feedback culture” in schools in the context of measuring teaching quality means. The second question is, whether some uses of student feedback are not useful in light of the empirical research literature on validity of student ratings of teaching quality.

course evaluation, course quality, student feedback, student ratings, validity, bias factors, distortion factors

APA citation
Rahn, S., Gruehn, S., Keune, M. & Fuhrmann C. (2016). Aus Schüleraussagen lernen?! – Auf dem Weg zu einer professionellen Feedbackkultur an Schulen. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 108(2), 163-175.