Lyn PlegerFritz Sager

‘Don’t tell me cause it hurts’ – Pressure on Evaluators in Switzerland


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This paper deals with the pressure on evaluators in Switzerland. The results of an anonymous survey of members of the Swiss Evaluation Society show that independence of evaluators in conducting evaluations is mostly not perceived. Pressure is most commonly used by individuals who hired the evaluator to conduct the evaluation. Around half of the respondents had already experienced pressure during their evaluation activities, of whom 90% said that this pressure was not a one-off event. 60% of respondents had been asked to distort the content of their results. Pressure occurs more frequently in summative or ex-post-evaluations than in formative or ex-ante-evaluations. The ethical satisfaction of respondents with how pressuring episodes were resolved was lowest among those whose evaluation results had been changed without their consent.

Pressure on Evaluators, Evaluation Findings, Independence, Switzerland