Rudolf Tippelt

PIAAC: Kompetenzfeststellung und -debatte in Spanien


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In Spain, the international competence-based studies such as PISA and PIAAC are intensely discussed. This article informs about the understanding of competence underlying these studies, about methodologically and internationally relevant results as well as about the specific disillusioning results on the competencies in reading and in mathematics of the 16 to 65 years olds in Spain. Yet, in the processing cohort-specific differences become evident because the younger age cohort acquires higher competencies as it is possible for the older cohort. In expert discussions different assessments of the PIAAC study result and strategies for educational policy and for practice become apparent, to which an outsider perspective is added.

PIAAC, skills development, OECD, Spain, education planning, education management

APA citation
Tippelt R. (2015). PIAAC: Kompetenzfeststellung und -debatte in Spanien. ZEP – Zeitschrift für internationale Bildungsforschung und Entwicklungspädagogik, 38(4), 26-30.