Klaus ZiererJochen WernerStephan Wernke

Better Planning? With Models!

Empirically Based Considerations for the Development of a Planning Competence Model

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Currently, a lot of attention is given to research on the professionalism of teachers. In this field, the dominating model of professional competence (Baumert/Kunter 2006) is helpful and important, but with the focus on the development of competences, there is one underrepresented dimension: the planning competence. The importance of lesson planning is reduced disproportionately, as pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge are combined through the planning process. Therefore, we should pay more attention to planning skills. It is still unclear what planning competence consists of and if there are various stages of competence. Based on empirical results, the following article outlines basic considerations for modelling planning competence.

lesson planning, planning competence, teacher professionalization

APA citation
Zierer, K., Werner, J. & Wernke S. (2015). Besser planen? Mit Modell! : Empirisch basierte Überlegungen zur Entwicklung eines Planungskompetenzmodells. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 107(4), 375-395. https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART101811