Helen Simons

Towards Professionalization of Evaluation: Voluntary Evaluator Peer Review – Is this the Road to Travel?

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In the context of examining the move towards professionalism in evaluation, this paper explores the concept of Voluntary Evaluator Peer Review (VEPR), indicating the reasons why this is currently being proposed by several evaluation societies. This discussion is prefaced by a brief examination of the extent to which evaluation currently meets commonly accepted hallmarks of a profession and the steps that evaluation societies have taken towards professionalization of the evaluation field as a social, methodological and political practice over the past decade. The growth of evaluation standards, ethical guidelines, codes and competency and capability frameworks are several such initiatives. The paper considers whether a VEPR system is the next stage in professionalization of evaluation and the challenges it presents.

Professionalization, Evaluation, Voluntary Evaluator Peer Review, Evaluation Training