Martin Heinrich

New “Forgotten Links”?

Educational Discomfort on the Occasion of Heinz-Elmar Tenorth’s Determination of the Relationship between Educational Policy and Educational Research


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Based on a criticism of the reserved observer status of empirical research this contribution deals with the issue of the specific interdependency between educational research and educational policy. Reviewing historical-systematic lines of argument, it shall be asked which role educational researchers could and should ascribe to themselves. After a repudiation of traditional lines of argument (value judgment debate, Positivismusstreit [positivism dispute]) the article advocates a reflexive-critical, but also reflexive-constructive positioning, regarding both the new constellation of actors in an increasingly political educational research and – due to an evidence-based governance – an at least partially depoliticized educational policy.

educational policy, educational research, evidence-basing, new governance, value judgment debate, Positivismusstreit [positivism dispute]