Björn HermsteinIna SemperNils BerkemeyerLisa Benzin

The Exploration of Educational Monitoring Instruments by Educational Research

Taking the Examples of Educational Reporting, School Inspection, and State-wide Comparative Tests


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Empirical educational research has played a continuous role in accompanying the implementation of educational monitoring. This article examines the issues that educational research has foregrounded when studying three key instruments of the new German ‘educational monitoring paradigm’. Our findings suggest that both the research questions and the analysis models that empirical educational research draws upon are congruent with politically formulated targets.

educational monitoring, empirical educational research, educational reporting, school inspection, state-wide comparative tests

APA citation
Hermstein, B., Semper, I., Berkemeyer, N. & Benzin L. (2015). Thematisierungen von Bildungsmonitoringinstrumenten seitens der Bildungsforschung: Die Beispiele Bildungsberichterstattung, Schulinspektion und Vergleichsarbeiten. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 107(3), 248-263.