Bernd Zymek

For which Purpose (still) History of Education and Historical Research in Education?


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In institutes of educational science, history of education has increasingly become less represented by special professorial chairs and as mandatory part of study, whereas the new “empirical educational research” has been prioritized everywhere with regard to personnel and content during the last years. Against this background, the article deals with the question which gains and losses can be anticipated for educational science if it would leave the history of its issues and its ideas to specialists from the science of history or if it concentrates the history od education in small expert circles at a few universities, such as medicine, psychology, economics, and jurisprudence have been doing already for a long time. The current problem situation and the significance of the history of education are interpreted in the context of the history of educational science and historical booms of educational politics in Germany.

history of education, historical educational research, empirical educational research, politics of new governance, history of culture