Helen O'Nions

Warehouses and Window-Dressing: A Legal Perspective on Educational Segregation in Europe

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The right to receive an education free from discrimination is a well-established principle of international human rights law and is protected by the EU Race Equality Directive. The landmark decision of the European Court of Human Rights in DH and Others established that the segregation of Roma pupils violated their right to an education free from discrimination. It might thereafter have been expected that States in which Roma disproportionately attend remedial schools or classes would begin to move towards desegregation. Yet progress has been lamentably slow, with similar judgements handed down to Greece, Croatia and Hungary. Meanwhile Roma pupils continue to receive an unequal, inferior education in many European states. The persistence of segregation threatens social inclusion and demands that the European institutions adopt a much more assertive position.

Discrimination in Education, Educational Segregation, DH v Czech Republic, European Court of Human Rights, Roma