Marie DrügeKarin SchleiderAnne-Sophie Rosati

Psychosocial Hazards of Trainee Teachers – Characteristics, Manifestations, Outcomes


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The present study describes the characteristics and manifestations of psychosocial hazards of trainee teachers and shows interrelations to resulting strains within a crosssectional design. The data was gathered through an online-questionnaire by means of the Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire (COPSOQ). The sample consists of 342 German women and men in their second phase of teacher training and was compared to teachers (cp. Nübling et al. 2012) and to two groups of other professions (cp. Nübling et al. 2011) from the COPSOQ-database. Results confirm findings focussing on teachers’ health. But they show that psychosocial hazards and the resulting strains are worse for the teacher trainees especially in the strains (burnout, thoughts on giving up, and cognitive stress-symptoms) than for the reference groups. But there were also some structural advantages, like a larger influence on work, greater possibilities for development, the meaning of work and the commitment to the workplace. Among others, emotional demands, work-privacy-conflict and the meaning of work were identified as predicators for increasing strains and worse outcomes. To protect and to preserve individual but also systemic resources there is a need for action in the investigation of possible causes as well as on the level of prevention and intervention.

psychosocial hazards, psychosocial strains, trainee teachers, teacher training

APA citation
Drüge, M., Schleider, K. & Rosati A. (2014). Psychosoziale Belastungen im Referendariat – Merkmale, Ausprägungen, Folgen. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 106(4), 358-372.