Lydia Kater-WettstädtBarbara Asbrand

Handeln in der Weltgesellschaft. Zum Umgang mit Handlungsaufforderungen im Unterricht zu Themen des Lernbereichs Globale Entwicklung


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This article reports selected results derived from an empirical teaching research project. Topics of the investigated classes were assigned to the Global Education Guidelines. The article focusses on the question how students cope with needs of action communicated in learning arrangements. In an exemplary manner interpretations of class-sequences are pictured reconstructing different methods of dealing with needs of action: the reflection about non-action and the reflection about needs of action being a political topic. It can be shown how students gain knowledge and competences in differently didactic-structured learning arrangements.

Reconstructive Social Research, Global Education Guidelines, Global Education Learning Arrangements, Needs of Action