Balasundaram KrisanthanMatthias Pilz

Vorberufliche Bildung in Indien – eine Analyse der curricularen Verankerung und der schulischen Praxis


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Transition from school to work plays an important role in many countries. In India economic and demographic trends are affecting the transition process of young people. The preparation of students for the world of work in India’s secondary education is of special interest. By now the so called ‘pre-vocational education’ is not on the research agenda in India. The authors are focusing in their study on two issues. In the first step the pre-vocational related parts of two major curricula are analysed to find out what kind of contents, competencies etc. are mentioned in the syllabus. The second step is a series of interviews with teachers in the South of India about teaching the pre-vocational curriculum. Findings showing that the curriculum offers options to teach pre-vocational contents, but the obstacles in the daily work make it very often quite difficult. The gap between the prescribed and the enacted curriculum is visible and explainable.