Wolfgang Mack

Education at School and at Youth Welfare Services

Social Conditions of Education as Challenge and Chance for the Cooperation of Schools and Youth Welfare Services

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The educational process of children and young people is strongly influenced by their social situation. This is one of the main reasons for educational disadvantages school and youth welfare services in their co-operation are confronted with. This co-operation however needs a common understanding of education; the German term in this context is “Bildung”. In this article, education is conceptualized as a process actively realized by the individual. But this process is performed under the conditions of the living environment of the individual on the one hand and under those of the institutionalized offers and structures of school and youth welfare services on the other. The educational development in total is thus essentially influenced by social inequalities. Therefore these have to be recognized as a central challenge especially for the co-operation of youth welfare services and school.

education, educational disadvantages, individual activity, co-production, educational process, social inequality, school, youth welfare services