Maria Gutknecht-Gmeiner

Experts, Reviewers or Amateurs: What Kind of Competence and Training in Evaluation Do Peers Need?


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Are peers sufficiently qualified to conduct high-quality peer reviews at educational institutions simply due to their professional expertise? The article examines the functions and tasks of peers in peer reviews of educational institutions, compares them with similar activities in other professional areas and argues that the assignments of peers in fact require pertinent competence in evaluation. With recourse to work undertaken in the European Peer Review projects the development of a competence profile and a training programme for peers is described. As a contribution to current discussions about the didactics of evaluation, pedagogical-didactical aspects of evaluation training for peers are illustrated. Finally, open questions concerning the organisation, feasibility and quality of such trainings are investigated and the potential contribution of peer training to building evaluation competence within the school sector is highlighted.

Peer Review, Evaluation Competences, Education and Training in Evaluation, Didactics of Evaluation