Britta KohlerAlbrecht Wacker

The Offer-and-Use-Model (“Angebots-Nutzungs-Modell”)

Reflections on Chances and Limitations of the Currently Most Famous Effect Model in School and Classroom Teaching Research


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The “Offer-and-Use-Model for Teaching Effectiveness” is one of the most prominent causal models in current educational research. The current study aims to investigate the genesis and creation of the model regarding the following questions: What are the underlying assumptions, implications, prospects and limitations of the model? What is its overall relevance? We find that the purpose of the model is to provide a basis enabling deeper communication about the complexity of teaching processes.

offer-and-use-model, classroom teaching research, theory building

APA citation
Kohler, B. & Wacker A. (2013). Das Angebots-Nutzungs-Modell: Überlegungen zu Chancen und Grenzen des derzeit prominentesten Wirkmodells der Schul- und Unterrichtsforschung. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 105(3), 241-257.