Konrad Ehlich

Sprachliche Basisqualifikationen, ihre Aneignung und die Schule

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The paper argues for a comprehensive notion of language acquisition. It discusses consequences for schooling (sect. 1) and for curriculum development. Language is the major tool for communication. It is composed of a series of basic qualifications (sect. 2) that are interrelated and interdependent (sect. 3). There is a combined responsibility on the part of the individual and on the part of the society to achieve successful language acquisition processes (sect. 4). Knowledge societies are dependent upon language and its adequate acquisition by the young generation (sect. 5). The multilingual character of modern societies constitutes a specific challenge for the school and for the further development of its curricula with regard to the acquisition of language(s).

language acquisition, basic linguistic qualification, phonic qualification, pragmatic qualifications, semantic qualification, morphological-syntactic qualification, discourse qualification, literal qualifications, knowledge society, ordinary scientific language, comprehensive linguistic curriculum

APA citation
Ehlich K. (2013). Sprachliche Basisqualifikationen, ihre Aneignung und die Schule. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 105(2), 199-209. https://www.waxmann.com/artikelART101278