Chandra-Milena Danielzik

Überlegenheitsdenken fällt nicht vom Himmel.
Postkoloniale Perspektiven auf Globales Lernen und Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung


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When applying a postcolonial and critical racism perspective on Global Learning and Education for Sustainable Development, it becomes apparent that historically developed relations of power and domination are not fundamentally put into question – neither with regard to the German migration society nor with regard to the global context. Rather, both fields in its current orientation contribute to stabilising relations of inequality at the social, political and economic level. In order to fundamentally challenge, the reproduction of current power relations, the hegemonic concept of development needs to be radically deconstructed and hence decentralized. This requires the volition of ‘digging under once own feet’, in order to initiate an active process of unlearning one’s own dominant knowledge.

Asymmetrical Globalization, Power Asymmetry, Global Learning, Education for Sustainable Development, Postcolonialism