Constanze BerndtClaudia Kalisch

Globales und Regionales Lernen: zur Bedeutung regionaler und globaler Raumbezüge in schulischen Bildungsprozessen


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This theoretically and conceptually oriented article adapts the socio-scientific discourse on space and addresses the question of space images and space relations which are implicitly and explicitly underlying both educational concepts of Global and Regional Learning and that are conveyed in the respective educational offers. The fact that these discussions and insights into school curricula and educational processes have not yet been adopted adequately is shown by a digression which exemplary highlights spatial references in formal education processes. Against this background, the references of space underlying Global and Regional Learning are questioned and the potentials of both concepts for responsible action in space as well as research desiderata are pointed out.

Global Learning, Pedagogy Considering Space, Regional Learning, Space as Social Science Discourse