Marianne HorstkemperKlaus-Jürgen Tillmann

What Do Parents Think about Inclusive Schooling?

An Empirical Contribution to the Debate about Inclusion


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In a representative survey, the opinions of students’ parents about inclusive schooling were assessed. This article presents descriptive results which suggest support of integration efforts by a majority – however connected with considerable skepticism with regard to common schooling with mentally handicapped children and those displaying behavioral problems. These descriptive results are supplemented by a multivariate model that shows the factors which influence the approval of integrative schooling. Finally, the results are put into the context of the topical inclusion debate.

parents’ survey, integration, inclusion, handicaps

APA citation
Horstkemper, M. & Tillmann K. (2012). Wie stehen Eltern zur integrativen Beschulung?: Ein empirischer Beitrag zur Inklusions-Debatte. DDS – Die Deutsche Schule, 104(4), 347-362.