Lutz BornmannBenjamin F. BowmanJohann BauerWerner MarxHermann SchierMargit Palzenberger

Standards for Applying Bibliometrics to the Evaluation of Research Institutes in the Natural Sciences


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Even though bibliometrics has been a well-defined research area within scientometrics for many years, uniformity in the conduct of bibliometric analyses has not yet been achieved. The numerous dos and don’ts that exist in the field represent the implicit knowledge of experienced users, rather than a clearly defined set of rules and operating procedures. Our chapter seeks to establish standards for applying bibliometrics to the evaluation of research institutes in a number of areas in the natural sciences. These standards refer to the selection of the underlying data from the reference databases, the statistical analysis of the data and the presentation of results. We draw upon anonymized data from six research institutes active in similar research areas to illustrate the applicability of our proposed standards.

Bibliometrics, Standards, Publication Output, Citations