Journal für International und Interkulturell Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft


18. Volume, 1/2012

Raum, Macht und Differenz in gesellschaftlichen Transformationsprozessen: Perspektiven der interkulturellen und vergleichenden Erziehungswissenschaft

Zugehörigkeit und Differenz in der Schule


Thomas Geier


The article focuses from the empirical perspective of reconstruction logic on logics of affiliation and difference in so-called intercultural education at school and their relevance within social areas against the backdrop of an immigratory society. Structural problems connected with a concept of heterogeneity in the classroom will be presented case-specifically with examples of selected micro-processes so as to subsequently re-read them in topological-topographical fashion. Thus, ethnicizing processes taking place at school will be conveyed, which have got the function of responding to potential dissolutions of spatial and cultural boundaries with structural interactionoriented limitations. In doing so, the deterritorialization linked to migration is being reterritorialized.

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