Johanna GebrandeBernhard Schmidt-HerthaRudolf Tippelt

Kompetenztheoretische Zugänge in der beruflichen Aus- und
Weiterbildung mit Älteren – eine internationale Herausforderung


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Due to the demographic change and the associated impacts on many areas of life and education a sustainable competency development of older workers become more important over the last few years. In order to develop the qualification of employees at the workplace adapting working conditions and preventative occupational safety and health protection are important factors. The awareness of the potential of further education needs to be strengthened in the companies and the workers themselves. In this way central competencies (professional, methodical, social competence) can be maintained und cognitive and social abilities can be supported. In view of technologisation and globalization this trends are explained by the example of Latin America and India.

competence, apprenticeship, further education, adult education, older worker