Vera PopperChristiane SpielAlexander von Eye

Evaluation of Managerial Training: Approaches to Ensure Methodological Standards in a Sample Case Study


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Evaluators of human resources development programs rarely find conditions that allow them to realize a clean pretest-posttest-follow-up-design. This article describes solutions for ensuring mehodological standards using a sample case study of managerial tratining in the pharma industry. Four essential requirements are specified: 1) definition of control groups, 2) transfer of training, 3) baseline measurement, and 4) sustainability of training effects. Following Kirkpatrick, the complex managerial training was evaluated on the four levels of reaction of participants (acceptance of the training), learning (participants’ leadership skills), behaviour (transfer of skills in managing a real project), and results (corporate benefit) using a mixed-methods evaluation design. After three years, a follow-up measurement investigated the career of former participants and found sustained positive effects of the managerial training.

Managerial Training, Leadership Development, Follow-up, Mixed-Methods Evaluation Design