Stephan Blank

Evaluation und Lernprozesse: Eine systemtheoretische Analyse


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In the context of systemic learning evaluation takes not only an attending role. The structure of evaluation itself is a constitutive part of learning in social systems. The discussion of these thesis results not from an empiric view but from an abstract, analytical level. In reference to Luhmann’s Theory of Systems this article describes evaluation as a specific operation of a social system: a ‘valuing reflection-communication’. Evaluation-communication is marked by three constitutive criterions: firstly it is an observation of difference; secondly it allows the reflexive observation of the point of view of the observation and includes the observation of observation; last the reflexive observation is followed by a valuing-process which is orientated to the structural anchored expectations of the evaluating system. The article describes on which way evaluation-communication works in the dynamic process of system learning. Evaluation is characterised as a recursive valuing-operation which causes effects to the evaluated process itself.