Gabriela Höhns

Anwendung der DeGEval-Standards im internationalen Kontext – Erfahrungen bei der Evaluation von zwei ausgewählten TRANSFORM-Beratungsprojekten in Russland


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In 2001, the German Evaluation Society (DeGEval) approved standards for evaluation, which at the present time are undergoing a revision process. Also, in other (mainly western) European countries, there is a widening discussion about evaluation standards. This article wants to make a contribution to this discussion from the viewpoint of evaluation practice. The evaluation standards by DeGEval are being laid like a foil over an evaluation of two projects of VET consultation abroad, and the application of the standards is being described. Because of the intercultural setting in which the evaluation was conducted, attention will be given to those standards, the application of which called for special intercultural sensitivity. Other standards, which in an international context need not be applied more sensitively than in a national context, will not be dealt with. After a short introduction of the evaluated projects and the evaluation method, the article follows the systematics of the DeGEval standards.