Alan Dyson

Die Entwicklung inklusiver Schulen: drei Perspektiven aus England


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This paper makes available to a German-language readership the findings of three studies undertaken by the author in the field of inclusive schools. The first is a systematic review of the English language research literature on inclusive schools. The second is a series of case studies of schools educating high proportions of students with ‘special educational needs’. The third is a study of teacher research teams working to make their schools more inclusive. Synthesising these studies, I conclude that there are two models of inclusive school development. One assumes that they arise out of exceptional circumstances and commitments. The other assumes that they are much like other schools and arise out of undramatic processes of teacher reflection and policy support. I argue that this latter model is particularly appropriate where policy makers are trying to encourage inclusive approaches across a school system as a whole.

school system in England, development of inclusive schools