Martin HeinrichArnd Kierchhoff

Model for School Development, or Backdoor Reform of School Structures?

Considerations with Regard to the Future of Cooperation Models between General and Vocational Schools, Using the Example of the “Neustädter Modell”


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Presently, many single measures can be found in the transition system from school to vocational training, indeed, but there are little systematically and school structurally grounded forms, which are demonstrably successful with regard to the transition of young people from school to vocational training. In Lower Saxony, there is a pilot school project for the cooperation between general and vocational schools – the “Neustädter Modell” –, which facilitates the transition for many students, according to the assessments of the participating schools. But neither have the precise circumstances and the conditions of success been examined thoroughly up to now, nor have been the school theoretical and the governance practical consequences.

vocational orientation, transition system, school cooperation, training maturity, school theory