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Bildung für Alle – Bildung als Ware Widersprüchliches in der Bildung in Entwicklungsländern: Bekämpfung des Analphabetismus und „Big business“ – Anmerkungen zur UN-Konferenz in Dakar


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The processes which can be found in the development of the educational systems in (some) develop-ing countries show an up to now not very much noticed Janus-face: On the one hand the discussions which take place at the UN-conferences about the development of education – last in 2000 in Dakar – are based on an insecure statistical foundation. A lot of the information cannot withstand a critical inquiry. So we may assume that the real position of the educational system is even worse than the official statistics show us. On the other hand we find in developing countries processes of a commer-cialisation of education, which are not yet recognized in the political discussions but could be inter-preted as signs of a far-reaching change in – at least parts of – the educational systems in many of these countries.