Journal für International und Interkulturell Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft


8. Volume, 2/2002

Kultur – Nation – Differenz<br />Theoretische Konstrukte und ihre Operationalisierung in erziehungswissenschaftlicher Forschung

Weltsystem-Ansatz und Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft – Versuch einer Verhältnisbestimmung und deren Erprobung an Beispielen


Ludwig Liegle


A “world system of education” does not yet exist. It is a construct. Nevertheless a global perspective has a long tradition in Comparative Education. Recently this educational section referred for example to the “world system” approach of Wallerstein et al. This paper discusses the chances and problems of such an approach and reveals on the basis of two examples that a “world system” as a point of refer-ence needs to accompany the analysis of national systems. The surface of each educational system with its structures and functions points to “universalisation” and globalisation. The inner structures that extend from the educational aims via the teachers’ roles up to the schools’ climates point to cul-tural diversity. Both outside and inside do not exclude one another. Instead, they complement each other.

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