Stefan Neubert

Eine neue Allgemeinbildung? Herausforderungen durch die ,Cultural Studies‘


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The author discusses challenges and implications of some theoretical perspectives developed by leading representatives of present-day Anglo-American cultural studies for German discourses on education in postmodernity. The main focus is on the German concept of Bildung. The author first raises the question of whether it is both necessary and possible to reconstruct the essentially modern concept of Bildung with a view to the challenges of the postmodern situation. Secondly, he makes a constructivist proposal for outlining viable perspectives of a theory of Bildung in postmodernity. Thirdly, he elaborates on how certain important theoretical strands of contemporary cultural studies provide suggestions for rethinking and furthering constructivist discourses on Bildung in postmodernity. This involves a discussion of crucial problems of multiculturalism and questions of intercultural education.

APA citation
Neubert S. (2004). Eine neue Allgemeinbildung? Herausforderungen durch die ,Cultural Studies‘. Tertium Comparationis, 10(1), .