Jeroen Darquennes

Sprachenvielfalt und Bildungssysteme – Über die mögliche Rolle des Unterrichts in Sprachrevitalisierungsprozessen


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Today’s European Union counts ca. 80 minority speech communities that are represented by ca. 40 to 70 million of the ca. 450 EU-inhabitants. The majority of these communities still have difficulties to secure the intergenerational transmission of the minority language. EU-sponsored projects (e.g. Euro-mosaic and SMiLE) as well as other scientific publications clearly confirm that most of the minority speech communities still are subject – though to a different degree – to societal language shift. In an attempt to reverse societal language shift minority speech communities tend to rely on minority lan-guage education. After broadly describing the general situation of autochthonous European minority speech communities and the European discourse that surrounds them this contribution examines a few possible prerequisites needed to turn minority language education into an essential part of attempts to reverse language shift.