Yesim Kasap Cetingök

Das Verhältnis von Konvergenz und Divergenz der nationalen Bildungssysteme: Der Fall Türkei



By means of the case study ‘Turkey’ this article discusses the issue of convergence and divergence of national education systems, which is highly debated within Comparative Education, moreover it also questions the plausibility of both positions. As a first step, a brief discussion of the Turkish modernisa-tion process and of the concomitant development of its education system is offered. The ‘case’ Turkey cannot be seen as a mere example of the persistence of national specific patterns. On the contrary, it illustrates that local conditions may be decisive for the adoption and modification of global processes leading to the convergence of national education systems. Cases studies and analyses of highly aggre-gated data should not be regarded as mutually exclusive but should rather be conceived of as comple-mentary research strategies that hinge on the particular research question.