Roger Dale

Neoliberal Capitalism, the Modern State and the Governance of Education


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The fundamental argument of this paper is, in a nutshell, that the discourse and institutions of modern-ity are no longer the best possible shell (Jessop, 1978) for the current phase of neoliberal globalisation, and that this has a number of implications for Education as a sector in advanced capitalist countries. In the first section of the paper I will elaborate very briefly on the nature and consequences of neoliberal globalisation and some of the ways that it relates to education. I will then discuss further the tools of modernity, why they are not adequate to comprehend the current phase, and especially how they frame the changes we are currently witnessing. Following that, I will briefly discuss existing conceptualisa-tions of education as a sector, before concluding the paper with a discussion of possible changes to the education sector and their consequences for generating new forms of governance and subjectivity in education.