Andrea Abstiens-Gutzmer

Finnland: Ein Einblick in Schulsystem, Lehrerausbildung und Evaluation


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PISA has definitely increased the interest in the Finnish school system not least in the educational science discourse, too. It might be of interest to know whether the discussion about the Finnish educa-tional system is more scientifically motivated or whether it is owing to Germany’s helplessness and its search for a way out of the German educational calamity. It is interesting because suspicion at least arises that the Finnish educational system and its single aspects might hopefully serve as a sheet anchor without appropriately considering its concrete social and economic conditions. But even critical approaches to reception might be subordinate to subjective interests: the attempt to save familiar rigid structures though no longer topical, which in Germany’s educational political discourse are often ideologically founded and thus well grounded by the particu-lar political parties. The paper at issue will not explicitly follow the objections mentioned above. They are, however, the basis for the reception of the literature used for the paper and will be implicit again as starting point of a short final outlook. The text essentially approaches the subject ‛Teachers in Finland’ through the description of sections of the Finnish educational system. Based on some introductory remarks on the historical background the Finnish school system is described first, then a survey of the Finnish teachers’ training is given and finally the significance of the leading goals and the importance of the evaluation are worked out. Some critical reflections on the model ‛Finland’ end this paper.

APA citation
Abstiens-Gutzmer A. (2008). Finnland: Ein Einblick in Schulsystem, Lehrerausbildung und Evaluation. Tertium Comparationis, 14(1), .