Knut SchwippertJenny Lenkeit

Von der Schule in den Beruf: Youth in Transition Survey – Eine kanadische Längsschnittuntersuchung


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Reforms of school structure are not only expected to improve educational opportunities for students. Rather they focus on the educational system itself to make adjustments required by current challenges of a globally changing world. Consequently, to implement educational reforms also means to arrange the future of individuals and the society they live in. To gain in depth knowledge about the reforma-tion processes, Canada decided to conduct a longitudinal study to document information of educa-tional pathways, conditions, and educational success of teenagers and young adults. The Youth in Transition Survey (YITS) collects data on two age cohorts that are currently proceeding from the gen-eral education system into occupational engagements. The present article initially gives an overview of both the German and the Canadian educational systems. It then presents some results from the YIT-Survey. These results at this point will neither be embedded in a broader scientific context, nor will any consequences be drawn for the German educa-tional system. The article does not aim at comprising the entire contents of the study. In connection with the two preceding articles, it rather wishes to give a short introduction into the Canadian YIT-Survey to call attention to a well established study, which can be, if any, a model for future panel stud-ies in Germany.