Iris Clemens

Globale Lösungen im Bildungssystem der Weltgesellschaft? Eine kulturtheoretische Analyse des Best-Practice-Konzepts in der Erziehungswissenschaft


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Globalisation is often seen as being equivalent to homogenisation. Modern systems theory however assumes a cumulative model of older and new social structures and that, although the newer social structures of the emerging world society are more dominant, they do not eliminate the older ones. Consequently cultural differences become relevant within differentiated, globalised function systems such as the education system. This must be taken seriously with regard to the consequences for educational sciences, especially in respect of the function of recent reform instruments like common educational standards, competency models and the implementation or possible limits of best practice concepts. The best practice concept especially has to be seen critically in at least two ways. Firstly it is questionable whether the adoption and implementation of a concept originating in the economic system can be made plausible for the education system and what this transfer would mean in practice. Secondly, the culture-theoretical implications of the best practice model have to be discussed.