Journal für International und Interkulturell Vergleichende Erziehungswissenschaft


16. Volume, 1/2010

Bildungsqualität und Steuerung von Bildungsprozessen in Iberoamerika

El devenir de la política educativa en el federalismo en México


Mauricio Covarrubias Juan de Pineda


In May 1992, the federal government of Mexico agreed and designed a new national public policy to modernize and decentralize the federal education system from K-12 level. This article explores the implementation of this project, the main hypothesis being that the Mexican federal government failed to accomplish the objectives of modernization and decentralization. Instead of promoting coordination and cooperation between both the local and federal governments, the new public policy led to disruptions of the relationship between both levels of government. Also, this article analyzes the department of education’s role in this initiative because this entity is in charge, according to the Mexican Federal Constitution, of designing, implementing and evaluating Mexican public policy in the field of education. Finally, the methodology-base applied in this article is a discursive analysis and comparison of official documents and data.

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