Christos Govaris

Interkulturalität in den Sprachbüchern der griechischen Volksschule – Eine kritische Bestandsaufnahme


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The issue of educational management of cultural diversity has been arisen in Greece due to the mass migration of people from East Europe countries since the 1990s. At the beginning of the new millennium, new curricula and textbooks have been applied to all educational levels. A key feature in the new textbooks and curricula is the different attitude towards cultural diversity. While in the past differences of nationality, language, religion or culture were scarcely mentioned and basically suppressed, current curricula and textbooks can be characterized by a commitment to recognize and respect cultural differences. This work is focused to the next question: What kind of intercultural education references are made in the new curricula and textbooks? The interpretive approach to a series of texts of elementary school textbooks reveals that the intercultural references in the textbooks are not consistent. Furthermore issues of cultural differences and cultural diversity are broached in a historically and sociologically decontextualized manner, insofar as the reality of migration in the Greek society is not presented in any of the school text books.