Anatoli Rakhkochkine

Bildungssituation der Kinder zirkulärer Migranten


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Based on the examination of the current migration policies in the EU and of the educational research on transnationalism, the article takes a closer look at the educational situation of children of circular migrants. It argues that their special educational needs are hardly recognised and not adequately addressed in the current educational policy for ‘children from a migration background’. The article proposes to apply a comprehensive approach to the analysis of the educational situation of circular migrants with respect to three categories of children: children who migrate with their parents, non-migrating children who are left behind in the care of relatives or neighbours while their parents work abroad, and children who return to the educational system of their home country after a mid-term stay abroad. The paper provides a critical overview of the existing educational provision for children of circular migrants and indicates the challenges for educational systems and educational research with regard to school organisation, curriculum and pedagogical support.