Andreas Langer

Professionalism of Evaluation


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Professions − in the traditional sense − make a highly recognized contribution to the implementation of social values (health, implementing civil rights, religion providing meaning). In its core this understanding of professionalization signifies that the service of professions is based on a specific expertise and that actions corresponding to this expertise need their own particular form of organization. However, professionalization in evaluation in postmodern knowledge-based societies needs to be interpreted in the framework of ‘professional’ and ‘professionalism’, which demonstrates (the production of) extraordinary quality of the service provided. Or ‘professionalization’ enables observing and conceptualizing processes of competency development, generation of expertise, affirmation of status or higher professional development. The key issues of the second concept have to be answered regarding the professionalization in evaluation: 1. Which (scientifically justified) expertise characterizes evaluation? 2. How could the application of expertise (as knowledge, capacities and attitude) best be ‘organized’?

Professionalization, Expertise, Organizational Competence, Management Competence