Marlen NiederbergerRainer Kuhn

The Group Delphi as an Evaluation Instrument


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In the education sector, evaluations belong to the standard equipment. They are either based on standardized questionnaires or on qualitative semi-structured interviews. Dialogue procedures or focus groups are seldom used in the evaluation process. But with the use of such instruments more knowledge can be gained. The so-called group Delphi is one of such dialogue procedures. This special method was used within the evaluation of the project called mikromakro, which was supported by the Baden-Württemberg Stiftung. The project objective is to introduce technology and science to young people and children and to make these areas more attractive to them when choosing a career. In this article, the special method group Delphi used for the project mikromakro is described. Furthermore, the experiences are presented from a methodological point of view. The question is whether group Delphis are useful as an instrument for evaluations.

Group Delphi, Evaluation, Education, Technology and Science