Anna NeubauerParvin NematiJohanna SchmidCaterina GawrilowMarcus Hasselhorn

Prosocial motivation and behavior in children with and without Turkish immigrant background in Germany and in Turkish children in Turkey


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The present study compares prosocial motivation and prosocial behavior of children with a Turkish immigrant background in Germany (n = 44) to German children living in Germany (n = 50) and Turkish children living in Turkey (n = 68). Only girls living in Germany with Turkish immigrant background were found to achieve high levels of prosocial motivation and behavior. Whereas boys with Turkish migrant background and German children without immigrant background showed low levels of prosocial motivation and prosocial behavior. In contrast, Turkish children without immigrant background were high in prosocial motivation but low in prosocial behavior.

Turkish immigrant background, Prosocial motivation and behavior, Preschool children, Family model of interdependence, Gender differences